Get your word out: How to easily optimize your web content

Get your word out: How to easily optimize your web content

Christopher has the perfect idea for his business. He has found a good mentor, and has worked through his infrastructure. He knew his business would be a big hit — if only he could let people know all about it.


Fast forward to months after the business has launched. His social media profiles were bristling with updates. His systems are up and ready to accept the expected torrent of customers. There’s just one problem. No one’s talking about his business!


Christopher was greatly concerned. He had everything ready, but the customers are not coming. Even his social media is doing poorly. His competitors are still going steady, so he knew there was demand.What was he doing wrong?


He knew he had to generate buzz in his business. He had to rethink his marketing strategy. Without it, he would have to close up his shop pretty soon.



Effective Web Content is a Must for Every Business

The Internet is the greatest treasure trove that mankind has ever invented. However, it has become so overpopulated that it has become very difficult to get heard. The easiest way to gain an audience is to rely on the results of search engines like Google. When people search for a problem, they will find your business as a solution. This is the science and art of SEO, or search engine optimization.


SEO has evolved and adapted over time, but has your business taken advantage of it? According to Forbes, SEO is still one of the most cost-effective means of content marketing around. Compared to other strategies such as pay-per- click and social media campaigns, SEO is considered the bedrock of a business’ online presence.


New trends are also appearing with the advancement of technology. For example, video has already made up 64% of all internet traffic back in 2014. Forecasts say the figure will grow to 80% by 2019. A study also says that 46% among those who watch videos do some follow up action after. This can do wonders to your conversion rates.


With the creation of content, consistency is also important. Up to 60% of marketers create at least one piece of web content each day. Unique content can generate as much as 7.8 times higher site traffic compared to derivative ones. These turn into an outstanding amount of leads that can change the pace of a business.


However, just like Christopher, only around 42% of marketers say that they are really effective at their web content strategy. Truth is, not everyone has a complete know-how of SEO and web content. Many do not know how they can be used to greatly increase the potential of a company. The process of SEO is not too complicated, and you can readily apply it on your business. Here are some tips you can use right away.


Boost Your Web Content

1. Create high-quality and relevant content. It is not enough to just attract visitors. SEO is also affected by the “dwell time” or the amount of time your visitors stay on the site. The easiest way to hold a reader’s attention is to make sure your content is useful.


Relevant content is still king in SEO. Longer content lets you build more value. However, relevance still plays a more vital role. Adding other relevant media such as videos will also heighten the quality of your post. It helps increase your user’s engagement by giving them something interesting.


2. Make sure your content is updated. Many businesses live by the creation of “evergreen content”. These are those posts and articles that attract readers because they answer a very specific and commonplace problem. However, these articles shouldn’t just be forgotten once they are posted. They should always be updated when newer information about the topic shows up.

Aside from shunning away readers, content that remains outdated also ranks poorly in search engines. To appear relevant to Google and its peers, your content should always be fresh.


3. Do keyword research. One of the most important factors in creating a good article is research. There are several tools that will help you discover how customers try to find your content. You can then tailor your articles to match their keywords. For example, an article about the prevention of premature baldness can include lots of references to “alopecia”, but customers will not find it if they are searching for “how to prevent baldness”.

Other aspects of the site — such as videos — should also contain relevant tags centered on customer-centric keywords.


4. Optimize your post’s load times. With Internet speeds and devices getting faster and faster, people will turn away from a site that loads slowly. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if it cannot be accessed in a flash. Search engines also take page load times into account when ranking your site.

One of the things that can significantly slow down a post is large images. Images that are too large have to be loaded, and some have to be resized in the background. This takes considerable time. Instead, use smaller images. A good quality image can also increase conversion rate and help improve the experience of your visitors.

Another thing you should focus on is the video. Video should be properly formatted so that it loads smoothly on devices. People would want to watch your video, and they will be upset when the clip takes forever to load.


5. Use headers. Readability is also something that greatly affects the visitors’ experience. A badly formatted article is a bad idea.

A common problem with many articles is the “wall of text”. These are long and winding paragraphs that are easy to get lost in. Instead of doing this, mark your article sections with the appropriate headers. Also, split up large paragraphs into smaller ones. Using numbered or bulleted lists also work wonders. Other media such as videos could also use headers to give the visitors an idea of what they will be watching.


6. Work on your links. When creating outbound links, simply saying “click here” will not generate an interest. Instead of the generic invitation, give the user a little preview of what they will see when they click. You can give them an idea of the link’s content, or you can type out the name of the site you are linking to.

Also, remember that outbound links should be as authoritative as possible. This lets your post benefit from the other sites’ SEO rankings. It helps increase your content’s relevance as well.

Avoid too many links as much as you can. This can be distracting to readers, and the content will not come across clearly. Make sure your links are updated, too — no one wants to click and find an Error 404 waiting on the other side.


7. Look at your page from the user’s perspective. There are many content providers who stuff their sites with too much keywords. There are also those who insert keywords in an unnatural way, affecting the way the article is worded. While this may favorably rank in search engines, it still provides an awkward experience for your visitors.

Remember that SEO is only meant as a tool to increase your businesses’ exposure. If users click on a high-ranking article, people are expecting a high-quality read. Finding something else will decrease the user’s trust in your business, making your SEO useless.


8. Use video. In recent times, video has become one of the most powerful conveyors of thought. This is especially true in the millennial age. Articles that effectively use videos can convey information in a more engaging manner. Well-crafted videos can drastically increase the conversion rate of a business. It also creates an air of professionalism, showing the effort the company placed in the creation of content.



You Need A Helping Hand

There is one problem for most businesses. Not many companies have a dedicated content management and marketing team. Even less have teams that create and manage videos for companies. Thankfully, there’s a helping hand waiting for those who need it.

Laughing Monkey is a London-based company. We do web content, specializing in the creation of videos. We excel in crafting memorable videos that will engage and inform the audience. People are more likely to find your services when they can watch a story about your brand. Get your clips out, and watch it go viral. Laughing Monkey makes it easy for you to build brand loyalty with the power of video.

The company also offers various web content services, such as the creation of email sales funnels and the optimization of search engine marketing campaigns. You can also rely on us to re-target advertisements for maximum exposure and conversion. Now you have not just a good video for your customers. You have a way to get everyone to see it, too.

Laughing Monkey is a one-stop shop for your online business, making sure your voice is heard across cyberspace. After all, the only main difference between you and your competitors is your unique brand and story. Let your customers hear all about it, and watch your business soar.

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