FREE On Hold Messaging

Would you Like Me to Record a Free 20 Second On Hold Message for You?


Your Firm Can Have It’s Own Professional Voice On Hold Message

Here’s some examples of my work:

Short Welcome & Call Options
Team Introductions Hold Message
Informational Hold Message
Award Reveal Hold Message
Please Call Back During Office Hours
Hold Message with Music


Step 1 – Choose Your Script

Your script can be anything and totally depends on what it’s purpose is. Here are some common examples:

  • Thank you for calling MyFirm. Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Lettings, 3 for property management or 4 for anything else.
  • Thanks for calling MyFirm. You’re call is on hold and one of our experienced team members will shortly answer. Did you know Michael from our Sales team has over 15 years experience in selling houses in our area. And Julie from our lettings team is our most newest member of staff, and has already been nominated for employee of the month in our customer satisfaction survey.

Please ensure your script is final, free from error and has been triple checked, as it will be read exactly as what you send. If the mistakes are on my side, I’ll take the hit and re-record it without any additional fee, but if there is an error in the script and a re-recording needs to be done then there will be an additional charge. This is because of the time it takes in recording.

Step 2 – Choose Your Package

  1. Now that you’ve got your script, you’ll need to read it and time it. Make a note of the time it’s taken – you’ll need this later when placing your order.
  2. If you’d like to add some background music to set the mood, then choose from one of the Background Music Options. These do cost a little more but I’ve kept my prices so anybody can afford them. I only use Royalty Free music which I have paid for to use, so you don’t have to worry about any copyright issues.

Step 3 – Place Your Order

Choose Your Package

The packages below should cover you and possibly your entire teams voice mail messages. However, if it doesn’t then simply contact me at and I’ll come up with something more bespoke.

Choose Your Background Music

If you’ve gone for one of the paid options above then you will get Royalty Free Music included. Simply choose which one you like and I’ll add it to your recording.

Choose From  Our Most Popular Background Music

Classical Classic 1
Classical Classic 2
Classical Classic 3
Chill Chill 1  
Chill Chill 2
Chill Chill 3
Corporate Corporate 1
Corporate Corporate 2
Corporate Corporate 3


Step 4 – You’re Done!

Once confirmation of your order has been received I will start on the next available working day. This usually takes 24-48 hours. You will receive your order by email and it’s yours to use fully with full permissions. Please note there is only one Free 20 second slot per business. You will need a business email address to qualify for this offer as you won’t believe how many free loaders try to take advantage of this.